A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Times are tough. Happiness is such hard work today. You just have to keep smiling! Sadness will creep in, and your mouth and eyes will droop if you don't keep working those face muscles. As the days progress, it becomes harder and harder to keep smiling. If you over-smile, your face will become contorted and people will be off-put by your hideous attempt to look happy.

The game is partly a whimsical challenge with awkward controls, and partly a metaphor. Your character is trying to appear happy, but is obviously suffering internally and doesn't have space to express it.

Keep pressing Q,W,P, and M to keep smiling but don't smile too hard.
(Hint: The green zone is the "perfect" smile)

Produced By:

Evan Holmes - Art and Design
Adia Alderson - Programming
Tiaan Geldenhuys - Programming
Corey Bertelsen - Music and SFX
Jerika Eppel - Team Lead and Business/Production


SmileSimulatorBuild.zip 18 MB
SmileSimulatorForMac.app.zip 33 MB